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Ayahuasca, Kambo, Iboga.

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Do these plants heal, or steal?

I felt it necessary to write this post, seeing as more and more people are intrigued with plants that put you in altered states.

I have done over 100 ceremonies. 1 iboga, 1 Kambo and hundreds of Changa and Ayahuasca ceremonies. Because of my sacred past lives, I was able to go beyond, and see what these plants actually do.

I am amazed how the many vegan people who do these ceremonies, think this is not animal cruelty!
Capturing a frog and tying it up to extract the Poison for Kambo ceremonies.

Ofcourse there is a huge element of healing, if you want to call it that. It increases the dmt in the pineal gland, which is a substance present in all living things. Certain people have called it the spirit molecule, but it is also the dark entity molecule. I won't go into the process of taking ayahuasca, but I will speak of my revelations.

When I first took ayahuasca, I did not do it for healing purposes, I did it because someone ese had done it before me and was told that I was a planet of healing, knowledge and information. That intrigued me so I went to try it, but others do it for healing, so from their experiences, I thought that it was the best thing for healing and helping people overcome obstacles in their lives, but now I feel differently. Remember, that my past lives are very sacred, so I have a lot of protection from Sekhmet, and lots of other deities who have protected me when I have journeyed.

I have to add here, that I did jurema and harmala, and not chacruna and the ayahuasca vine. It is stronger than from the vine itself, however I do believe that it is polluted with certain energies, so be very careful and know what you are taking.

The first time I did the plant, the shaman that was in the room, was presented to me in my journey. He was naked, and he looked me in the eyes, and was sending a lust energy to me that fired up my root chakra. I felt so much heat there, however, I said out loud, "I am not here for that". I moved into another place where I saw the Merkaba. It was me. I was not in it. It was so sacred. 2 girls in the room, were having orgasms, and they had later said that they were having sex with the shaman. (in their ayahuasca journeys). I have heard this happening a few times at the same place. I did not think much of it at the time, because I was not supposed to, however, a few years later, I realised that he was siphoning sexual energy from women during their journeys. See, when you do ayahuasca, they ask you to refrain from sex, apparently because your sexual energy is a force you need during the trip, when actually, they are just serving your sexual energy on a plate to the dark entities that live off of it. (Archons, Dracos, Greys etc..) Sexual energy is the creative force behind all that is, in its pure form, and this is how they have been using people to create the dark stuff on this planet. It took me a lot of journeys to see this finally! Not only that, the entities will ask you to surrender, and you think that is what you are supposed to do, and when you do, they take your higher self and consciousness, to where they want.You see your trials, tribulations and joys from the life you have led in this time and the past. In nearly all the ceremonies that I conducted, people saw Egypt, Egyptian Gods, Pyramids, eyes, American Indians, Ganesh, Shiva, and some saw the people that have left the earth plane. This was all possible because of who the codes that I held in my energy dna, and the fact that they were all around with me at that time, either as those that harmed Egypt, or those that were present who served Egypt.

The war on consciousness is not restricting dmt containing plants, but stealing your consciousness, programming it and creating from it. In reality, they do the same using television, media, and conspiracy theorists like David Icke. These conspiracy theorists, are actually planted to make you think that the planet is dark, and to make you think chem trails are real. You see, if you are in a state of despair and fear about the planet and humanity, then it shall be! Fear and anger is their source of energy.

Once during a ceremony that I held, I had a guy who kept seeing himself raping and killing, and I later discovered that in his past life, he was one of those that came into the villages in ancient Egypt and raped and killed. Another guy was always talking to dark entities, and when he shared his story with the group, he was lying about what he saw, because I guess deep down, he knew he was part of the dark energies. This particular person became a Kundalini teacher, and continues to steal energies from people in his practice, without them knowing. You do not need to protect yourself from these entities anymore, since their power was never theirs, they took sacred symbols, (powered by creator), twisted them and used the power for their own selfish needs, to control and promote fear. This has been taken away from them on the supernatural realms. You are all safe and do not need protecting anymore. The Mother is fully awake!

Talking about the Mother, people speak of Ayahuasca as a female energy, and that is because they have been stealing from the divine feminine to do the work. (this will make sense to those who know).

Kambo, (taken from frog poison), is another plant that is doing the rounds amongst people. It is legal in many countries, which doesn't make sense since the other plant medicines are

I do not want to say too much about this, but there have been many deaths from this medicine, and it is legal! Yes I have experienced it and I felt good after, and I believe the spirit of Kambo helped me for the greater good, however is the reason you feel good because you feel like you are going to die, and when you get through it, you feel alive again? Some mistake the euphoria after, as healing when really, its your body being happy that it did not die! Did I mention that it leaves huge scars on the body as well?

Kambo is also extracted by tying up the frogs limbs and then scraping the poison off it. How is this ok to the many vegans that do Kambo? People become disillusioned.

I have not met anyone to date that has cured any terminal illnesses from it, or any illness, however, I do believe that kambo has the power to remove energetic pain, which in turn can resolve some illnesses. Again make sure that you are with the right practitioner. When I did it, it felt like the practitioner was very distant from what was happening. She sang some icaros, but it was like she was programmed to do the things she did. Again, that can be a part of our journey, to ride the wave with little support to grow stronger, but others who are not as strong, may not feel the same way. I did it with someone, I knew, and we both felt better after. This medicine, I believe, should be done with a friend, if you do not know the practitioner well. Even a word of mouth reference needs to questioned. Mostly, you need to be guided by your inner wisdom.

Iboga is a medicine that they call the Father. Again, like all the other medicines, you purge a lot! People say the purge is healing, it can be for some people. Others have had a not so great experience.

I know a girl , (let's call her Trisha), who did an Iboga ceremony with the same people that I did, and she was with her sister. Her sister nearly died, and the people who held the ceremony, (British folk btw), would not let anyone call an ambulance! Trisha begged them to call one, and they said no. They were afraid that they may be arrested, since the ceremony was taking place in a European country, and it is illegal, apart from that, they would probably have been arrested for nearly killing someone. She said the only way that they let her go, was when she promised them that she would not tell anyone about what her sister had taken and with whom. They told her if she told anyone, something bad would happen to them. Finally they let her go. Her sister was in a coma for 2 weeks. Luckily, she made it through. The question is, was this the plant medicine or the shaman?

What I have experienced is a deep knowing of the plant medicine, and I know that none of you need healing. Creator does not need your prayers, but needs you to know what you are! You are creator. You are the same energy as creator. She is in you all. Your soul is her. Knowing this, you do not need to pray, you just need to know. She knows now, and so do you. As of the eclipse of July 2019, all of your pineal glands have been restored, therefore your ancient knowledge and wisdom. It is the time of all of our knowing. Trust yourself and your knowing.

Do I recommend plant medicines, absolutely, but please make sure you do as much research about the people running the ceremony and protect yourself.

The truth is finally here.

Namaste Shalom, Salaam.

Gaia Mother Sofia Hayat

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