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Ayahuasca Part 2

Namaste Shalom Salaam Satnaam.

It has been a while since my last blog, but revisiting my last post, I knew I had to write an update.


Ayahuasca is a calling. My last post dealt with other aspects of the plant medicine world, and in this post I want to expand on what and who ayahuasca is, and how or IF she can help you.

Many people turn to ayahuasca for healing. This is because Ayahuasca, or the Madré, is a female spirit, the universal mother, and the soul inside us all. I would describe ayahuasca as dying. What!!! I hear you scream! She just said aya is like the soul and the universal mum! Well, it is a sort of death likened to an ego death, but feels much like a real death. Your body disappears and all you are left with, is the essence of you. The soul. The soul then is able to speak. What I know from my awakening, and my past lives an ancient high priestess of Egypt, is that the soul is pure, and is always trying to speak to you. Your soul is feminine in nature, and speaks that which the body does not want to hear. The body can be corrupted by desire, greed, addiction, vibration, sound, false ideas and ideals, etc..For example, when I first did ayahuasca, I was shown that I have little patience, so I was taught it. It felt like years of teaching. The concept of time is something on an ayahuasca journey, that fades. 4 hours with ayahuasca can feel like years or seconds. My dad had died the same day that I did ayahuasca, and when I drank the tea, I was in a place where I knew I could meet him, and I begged to meet him, but, there was a telepathic understanding, that I would have to be patient. That is where the years came in. I felt like I was waiting patiently for years for the moment to happen, and a few times I broke out of patience to impatience, only to be reminded, by my soul, which is ayahuasca, which is the divine mother, which is me, to come back to silence and patience. I was rewarded by seeing and speaking to my father. (That is another blog in itself. I saw him, I spoke to him and he jumped in my body and spoke, and asked me to clear away all the bad things he had done).

The lessons you learn, will be ones that you already know, and perhaps have forgotten, or lessons that will make your life better.

On the same ayahuasca journey, a shaman in the room was playing the didgeree doo(a wooden instrument), and for some reason, it irked me. I was running away from the sound. It was chasing me, and I was screaming as I was running, saying, "Fuck off, leave me alone, you are hurting my ears". I was running for what seemed years, until I got tired of running. I had a realisation. The sound was not in control, I was. So I turned to face the sound and gave it love. I kept saying, " I love you, you are so beautiful, the most beautiful. music ever". Suddenly, the sound turned into the most beautiful piece of classical music I have ever heard.

My lesson, was that I am in control of things and I can change them because I have the power to do so. On a deeper level, I was taught about the vibrations of sound and how they can be changed to create what I want, since all is energy and vibration, and I am a powerful creator of those frequencies. (My voice is a frequency generator which I use in healings).

I have to remind you, that I never sought anything from ayahuasca, and to this day never have. I humbly accept what she has to give to me. Some shamans will ask you to make intentions, but I do not believe in intentions, because they are limiting. What if your brain gets stuck on an intention and ayahuasca wants to give you more, but she cannot, because ultimately, you have free will to think what you want, and if you hold onto an intention, or an idea, or teaching a guru may have given you, you may block yourself on your journey, from receiving what is meant to come. This is true in life. When one reaches an enlightened mind, you let go of intention and flow with knowing.

Ayahuasca gives to those with noble hearts and minds, even if you do not know that you are one of them. Sometimes we think we have done bad things, because society, our parents, religion, may have taught you certain things are bad, when in fact, they are not.

Do I think ayahuasca can help everyone? Yes.

Do you think you should do it? Wait for the calling. It will be a strong one. She will call you herself, and if you are meant to do it, she will make sure you are in the right place and time for you needs.

Since all of my work with ayahuasca, I have facilitated and held many private ceremonies in South America, working with individuals and small groups. I have held over 200 ceremonies and am a world expert on changa (smokeable ayahuasca, blog coming soon).

Listen for the calling.

Blessings and Love

Mother Sofia Hayat

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