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The Power of Sound

I was born singing, and released my first album some years back, which was an album you can dance to, full of female empowerment and messages for the young female. This album although commercial in nature, was the beginning of my journey into enlightenment. The album is available here:


When my third eye opened, I realised my voice carried sacred tones and frequencies that heal people. Rather, it wakes up and remembers. See, you do not need healing, you just need to remember, and then you will know that all is well. I discovered this in spiritual ceremonies that I held. When I sung, the participants were transported to higher dimensions, and some had their third eye opened; so I recorded an spiritual album meant to heal you. It is very powerful, and the songs are some I have written, as well as some mantras. I HAVE JUST RELEASED THIS ALBUM!

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Available on all online platforms

These sounds are very sacred. The album activates DNA, heals the chakras and connects you to the divine. Unlike the first album, this album is something used for sacred spiritual ceremonies, meditation and deep healing. You will remember. Some of the tracks are channelled and recorded live at that moment and have ancient prayers and mantras in a language unknown in this dimension.

The first video was a song that I wrote and performed at The Royal Albert Hall for the victims and survivors of the Pakistani and Indian Earthquake. It made me realise how precious each moment in life was, so I wrote this song.

The second video was all shot and recorded live. It is deeply healing. I suggest you watch and listen to it once, then listen to it with your eyes closed, lying down. Burn some incense, wear relaxed clothes, and let my voice take you higher than you have been before.

Namaste Shalom Salaam. Gaia Mother Sofia

Wisdom Of The Mother

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 15.36.33.png

Click the picture to be directed to the Spiritual Album, "Wisdom of The Mother".

"This album is for people who want to heal, expand their consciousness, bring peace and abundance and health to their lives and those who are starting meditation. It is also for the experienced practitioner, since the frequencies will expand your levels of consciousness and activate and ancient dna and past lives.

2 songs were channelled and recorded on the spot, and they cannot ever be performed to that capacity again! Thay are very very sacred songs. People have already called speaking of the miracles of the healing of this album. I am blessed to be able to bring this to you all".

The first video below is a song from the album. Its very powerful.

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