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Meet Sofia

If you haven't already! 

From a famous actress, singer and author to a nun and beyond!

Live your truth every day, even if your truth today is so far removed from what it was yesterday

Sofia Hayat

At 10 years old, Sofia was sexually abused by her uncle, her parents did nothing, because they were too busy scraping a living together to feed 6 children. Her Father was physically abusive to her Mother, so her mother had little time for her. At 13, Sofia was nearly married off to her cousin, at 18, Sofia was being hunted down by a hitman to kill her, because she broke away from her traditional roots! At 22 she had her first TV show which was screened to over 5 million people! At 29, Sofia published her autobiography with one of the leading publishing houses in the world,. Her book has been translated into 3 different languages, and has inspired many women who have been in threat of an honour Killing as she was. At 33, Sofia became a famous Bollywood actress. One of the tv shows she did in india was watched by over 1.5 billion people world wide!

She went from a sex symbol to a Saint, and all because her past lives woke up when she went on a 3 week fast. She started to get psychic abilities during the fast and angels communicated with her to help others.


After this she was called to Ayahuasca. She has participated in over 100 plant medicine ceremonies, where all of her sacred past lives awoke. Sofia's past life homes were the temples in Egypt, and the pyramids, as well as in Mexico.  With her awakening came gifts that she had in her past lives. She is a channel, a psychic and a healer. She has healed hundreds of people  from emotional and terminal illnesses, and helped them open their third eye.

After doing Ayahuasca, Sofia was shown that some shamans have been stealing people's consciousness to create. Some may call them entities or dark energy. They are all the same thing. 


Mother Sofia as they call her, has held ayahuasca and changa ceremonies as the oldest Spirit Guide, with hundreds of people, where the truth of what we are, and our ancient truth, came through the people that she held ceremony for. Some of these people were also energy thieves, and Sofia had to restore what they had taken from the ancient lands by accessing the soul past lives and restoring and correcting what was taken from our sacred ancestors. Many people have seen her as Goddess Isis incarnate, Sekhmet, Quan Yin and Mother Mary, as well as the sacred snake, Ayahuasca. People are guided to her by the highest council of the universal keepers. Through these ceremonies and her participation in the 3D reality, the corrections have been made, and humanity have ascended.


This website is to give people her teachings, (which are ultimately yours), so that they can open their third eye and become the enlightened beings that they have always been, and to start to remember their true origins, on and off this beautiful planet. Sofia remembers her home, the planet Arcturus, where she is the Mother, and is here to serve Gaia. The very being that she is.

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