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Body Mind and Soul

As spiritual beings, we understand that our bodies are not only a sacred temple that houses the divine, but, are also very clever instruments that are designed to work for our greater good. Once we look after the greater good of the self, we then become connected to the greater good of the ALL, amplifying that to all.

Your body, houses sacred DNA that has a memory from your past lives. In order for you to awaken those codes, so that you can function as a multi dimensional being, with all of the experiences from your past life, incorporated in this being, you need to look after your body.

I have been a vegan and then evolved into a more conscious way of eating. I thought I was consciously eating when I became a vegan, however, that was a programmed consciousness. Many are guilt tripped into being Vegan, and think it is a kinder way to eat. After 2 years of being vegan, my body became sick, and the angels told me eat chicken. When I ate the chicken the first time, I cried and thanked it. I could feel what it was doing inside my body. I listen to my body now, and allow it what it needs.

I know that the human is one of the highest incarnations, and I also know that everything you put in your body, becomes you. The saying is that you are what you eat. what you eat incorporates itself into the cells of your body. So when you eat a carrot, essentially that becomes a part of your very being, and therefore, so does the cow, and the chicken. That is very sacred! The animal then becomes incarnate in you!So thank the food that you eat for delivering to your body the nutrients it needs and become one with all that is.

I do not eat goat, lamb or pork, and I like to eat Halal, since the act of killing the animal, involves sacred prayer and thanks. The goat is Baphomet, and I do not subscribe to the Draco energy being present in my body. Therefore I avoid all from the goat. The Lamb of God is a phrase we hear all the time, and for that reason I do not eat it, and the Pig is also something that I avoid, since I was told by my higher self to not eat those,specifically. God is the Shepherd that guides her flock.

Whatever your beliefs are, be guided by your inner self, because your KNOWING is higher than any text book or Guru can tell you. There are steps to get to the point where your inner self, which some call your "higher self", can speak louder than any programme, guilt or guru can show you. 

This is the place to hone your body, mind and soul! Videos are below!

Namaste Shalom Salaam. Sofia Hayat

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