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How to go beyond you!

Updated: May 31, 2019

Going beyond what you think you are, to what you are truly meant to be, is divine intervention!

What is the purpose of your life? Ask yourself this question and ponder on it for a while.

Most people spend most of their life either battling with their goals or giving up on them.

As a child, I was aware of constant reminders that we did not have enough money, so money was always a goal for most members of my family, and money is great because it is energy! I was different from my brothers and sisters, and I never had money as a goal, and although at times it was a struggle, I always had money coming from many sources, and quite easily. I never really thought about it until now! At university I had 4 jobs to support me, and was earning so much money, that the other students thought I had wealthy parents that paid for everything, when it was my own hard work. Other students worked in pubs in the evening, and were constantly struggling, and eating pot noodle for dinner! I would even tell them that I could get them a job in the call centre that I worked in in the evenings, and most of them turned it down because they said they did not want to work in an office, and wanted to enjoy themselves at the same time as working. Today, the same people are still financially struggling, whilst I have a blessed and truly abundant life. I have achieved so much in my life, things that I did not even think would happen in my life, and remember; I had no support from anyone, not even my parents. (Although in my own way, I think that the fact that I had no support, spurred me to do more, so, in a way, the lack of support was a true blessing for me).

Going Beyond You.

I always wanted to sing as a child, and dreamed of having a record deal and being famous. I spent 15 years trying, and in the end, it was acting that made me famous. I was out one day and someone saw me dancing, and they approached me and asked if I would audition to be a presenter for a tv show. I told them I had no experience. They told me it would be ok, because my personality was good! Anyway, I got the job! All of a sudden, I was famous amongst the asian communities around the world. But let me tell you something. At the time I got that job, I was 21 and I had no income. I was signing on. I was still signing on when I got that job, because the TV show only paid me £85 per week! Imagine that! They had no real budget, but they had air time. I decided I was going to make myself bigger than the show was, so I approached small designers to lend me clothes for the tv show, because I could not afford nice clothes for every episode. I did the leg work! I did the legwork where it is not expected. even though I had this little tv show, where the money was very poor, I decided to make it bigger. I went beyond the original brief . By the way, I also ended up singing at tThe Royal Albert Hall, and releasing my own music, as well as signing with one of Indias largest music companies.

By going beyond what is, and taking the opportunities that came to me, I flourished and grew so much, that I ended up on the biggest TV show in the world, where I was watched by nearly 1.5 billion people across the world, and became a household name. That show was called Bigg Boss, and was shot in India. I have done many other shows, where I gave more, and went beyond what my brief was, I even helped others do the same.

The secret is to let go, and fly, the wind will always be beneath your wings (the universe cares for you, and always has your best interest at heart).

One thing you must never forget though, is gratitude. I have spoken about it in another post. See, some people start to receive and grow, and then the gratitude and humility disappears. We must never forget that everything that we have comes from our Mother Earth. We must never forget to truly be humble to fact that she has given this to us. See, if you forget this, then your path that takes you beyond will then get disrupted. It is the law of the universe.

Everything on this planet has a precise order, and if the energies are not balanced, then disorder will creep into your life, and you will no longer be flying, but falling.

We are energy, and there are rules in energy! What is given must be regiven!

Divine information for your growth.

Namaste Shalom Salaam.

Gaia Mother Sofia

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