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DNA Starseed  Activation

Psychic, Medium, Plant Medicine Integration. Healer

Spirituality has


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Meet Sofia Hayat 

Sofia means Wisdom 

Hayat means Life!

Former Nun, Bollywood Actress, Entrepreneur, Author and Singer.

Healer, Shaman and Mother of Ancient Wisdom.

Sofia Hayat has gone through a very public awakening, and the world has watched how this once Bollywood actress, became a spiritual nun, to evolving into her true energy of the Cosmic Mother, bringing forth ancient truth and wisdom from her past lives, which woke up in her soul. Her clients include Forbes Billionaires and A listers who travel from all over the world for her guidance.

From My Vlog

My spiritual album is out now!

My heart has gone in to this album, which also has channelled songs for deep healing and DNA Activation, as well as the power to put you into a deep meditative trance. It is for the advanced and beginner. Music has the power to take you places, nothing else can!

Available on itunes, napster, spotify and all online platforms! Click below!

I have appeared on thousands of news channels and news papers across the world! Watch some of my videos and join our YouTube community!

The videos are really short courses designed to give you the skills to heal yourself and excel in your life!

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